A few years ago, one of our founders, Dave Sharma, was visiting his daughter in Syracuse and very quickly became best friends with the FedEx delivery man. Day after day, Dave would greet him at the door, when he dropped off dozens of boxes. Worried that his daughter would quickly max out her credit cards, Dave was (somewhat) relieved when she told him "Oh no, don’t worry. Shipping is free, I only want to buy a few things and will return most of this". Sure enough, by the end of the week only one box remained.

Dave realized that for her the cost close to zero, but somebody was, in his words, “taking it on the chin for this”. He could not get this off his mind and started doing some research, where he found that for online shoes and apparel purchases, average return rates are north of 30% and the brands and retailers were absorbing Billions in waste costs ($15B in 2016 alone). He had to find a solution... Perfitly was born!