Our founder, Dave Sharma, was visiting his daughter in Syracuse. Over a period of time his new best friend was the guy from FedEx. He would greet him at the door when dropping off dozens of boxes. He started paying attention and was worried about his daughter maxing out her credit cards. Not to miss an opportunity to take a dig at her, he asked who she was competing with. His daughter was quick to respond, "oh no, I only want to buy a few, I will return most of them". She clarified that the delivery and returns were free. Sure enough, she returned all twelve. Dave realized that for her the cost maybe zero, but somebody took it on the chin for this. He could not get it off his mind, and upon googling, he found that for online shoes and apparel, the average returns are north of 30% and Billions in waste ($15B in 2016) He had to find a solution... Perfitly was born!

A truthful solution to a real problem