Perfitly answers shoppers’ real question: “How will this look on me”

We give shoppers an on-line “try-it on” experience, mimicking a real-life fitting room

Shoppers start by creating accurate 3D replicas of themselves

Then they visually see themselves in a selected garment, that has been fully digitized

With the ability to size up and down, shoppers confidently pick their right fit

Brands benefit from increased conversion and reduced returns

  • Simple, engaging shopper experience

    Does not change shopping behaviors or flow. Integrates directly on product pages and can be used with a single click

  • Higher conversion and reduced returns

    Brands and retailers are having much better e-commerce performance, while enhancing their shoppers' experience

  • Conversion Increase



    Return Rate Reduction



    Engagement Increase


    372 sec

  • Where you can find us

    We are live with many brand partners. Go shopping and try us today!