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How Perfitly Is Re-creating the Physical Fitting Room

With 97 percent accuracy in Perfitly avatars, actual garment details (including fabric drape, texture and size) are e-manufactured. Read More >>>

National Retail Federation


2019 NRF Big Show Tip of the Spear: Perfitly

Watch our Co-Founder Raghav Sharma explaining our technology to the media at NRF. Watch Video >>>

RSR Research


Best in show - Perfitly

Join the analysts from RSR as they walk through the highlights of the 2019 NRF Big Show in New York. Three days of expo hall and tech demos packed into a 1 hour presentation, this is a great resource for people who didn't attend - and for those who did and couldn't see it all. Watch video >>>

National Retail Federation


Meet the tech startups driving retail innovation in 2019

Perfitly is an AR/VR platform that lets shoppers see themselves in specific garments and find the right look and fit for them, helping retailers reduce the huge cost and waste that comes with return shipping. Read More >>>

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Best of NRF 2019: Top 10 Takeaways

Perfitly is recreating the in-store fitting room experience online. Shoppers simply upload a few photos of themselves from various angles to generate a 3D avatar. The avatar is then able to “try on” clothing, allowing the shopper to see exactly how different sizes and cuts will look on their unique frame. Read More >>>

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Passage to Profit (min 23-32)

Listen to our Co-founder Raghav Sharma telling the Perfitly story to Inc Magazine Editor, while describing the benefits and amazing results from our partnerships. Listen >>>

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5 retail technology highlights from NRF 2019: Retail's Big Show


Augmented reality fittings

According to 3D modeling company Body Labs, poor fit is the catalyst for 77% of online returns. Perfitly tackles that problem with scan-based avatars and 3D clothing replicas. The company’s technology combines those, enabling shoppers to see how the items look on their bodies, rather than those of the models on the website, people whose job it is to look great in clothes. Retailers like Descendant of Thieves, Otero Menswear and Masterclass Apparel already use Perfitly on their websites. Read more >>>

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The NRF’s 2019 Big Show Features Innovative Solutions – and Robot Attendees

Perfitly is an AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) platform for apparel e-commerce that creates a 3-D body image using a mobile app. Consumers can easily enter their measurements in the app and create their own personalized avatars when online shopping. Soon to be released, consumers will have the abilitiy to scan their own bodies using their mobile devices for a virtual fitting-room experience during their online shopping journey. Read more >>>



How Retail is Advancing AI, IoT

“Perfitly creates virtual avatars of customers based on their measurements so that these customers can virtually try on different sizes of clothes from online retailers..” Read more >>>

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Best of NRF 2019: Top 10 Takeaways

“Perfitly is recreating the in-store fitting room experience online. Shoppers simply upload a few photos of themselves from various angles to generate a 3D avatar. The avatar is then able to “try on” clothing, allowing the shopper to see exactly how different sizes and cuts will look on their unique frame.” Read more >>>

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Retailers fight back in the era of online shopping

“Technology like this can be another blow to traditional brick and mortar retailers..” Read more >>>

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These are the Most Innovative Retail Startups in 2019

“The platform of augmented reality and virtual reality of Perfitly allows online shoppers to see themselves with certain clothes that do not know if they fit or not. The objective is to reduce the cost of returning these products today.” Read more >>>

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"Users create a digital avatar based on two simple photos of themselves. The avatar can be used on any clothing brand’s site that teams with this startup. The technology uses 240,000 data points to make the avatar and clothing sizes as accurate as possible." Read more >>>



NRF 2019- The Tech Startups That Will Innovate This Year In Retail

"Perfitly, an AR/VR platform based in NY, allows users to see themselves dressed in specific garments to decide on their purchases. The solution aims to reduce the costs and waste associated with the returns." Read more >>>

We are proud to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at the Startup Street at ShopTalk in Vegas in March! Come visit us and try our virtual fitting room! Booth SS34. Read more >>>

Otero Menswear


Meet Kash: CTO of Perfitly

Since Otero Menswear and Perfitly have pioneered a new frontier in fashion technology and superior fit, we’d like to introduce you to one of the minds behind the Virtual Fitting Room technology: Meet Kash Vyas, the CTO of Perfitly. Read more >>>

Another great article on our exciting collaboration with Otero Menswear p. 56 Read >>>

It was a pleasure to partner with #TheLeadSummit and be a part of the Problem Talk, speaking about our solution to some of the industry’s main challenges and leading a roundtable discussion. Read more >>>

We’re excited to announce that we were chosen to be a part of the #NRF #InnovationLab in NYC in January! Come see for yourself how we’re going to revolutionize the apparel retail industry and experience our virtual fitting room! Read more >>>

A new partnership between cutting-edge designer Otero Menswear and a new fashion technology startup Perfitly. Otero has always been committed to rethinking fit.. Perfitly is the new gold standard in digital shipping as their virtual dressing room takes the guess work out of online shopping.. Read more >>>

“Perfitly is fantastic in the way it works with us on user experience and a data return feedback loop to make its product smarter.. return rate has dropped from 28 percent to 10 percent..” Read more >>>

Customization, Marketplace Solutions and 3D Fit Technology Standout Themes…Perfitly stood out from the crowd of presenters at FashInvest with its 3D fit and visualization solution... Read more >>>

Five Tech Companies Set to Change the Fashion Industry…If you’ve ever wanted to try on clothes from the comfort of your living room while shopping online... Read more >>>

These 15 Companies Are Bringing Tech to Fashion…Online shopping can be a gamble – because you never get to try a product on you... Read more >>>